Garage doors are made using many different materials. The type of material selected depends on the features you desire.

Choosing Garage Door Materials

Houses are constructed in a variety of styles. Garages and garage doors are no different. Depending on the style and layout of a home, the garage door may be a significant part of a property’s front view. In order not to distract from the home’s overall appearance, home builders typically put much thought into the features of the door. The color and materials chosen for the entrance might accent, complement or simply blend in with the architecture. Garage doors in Las Vegas typically roll up, slide to one side, swing out or up. Over time, garage doors suffer damage or succumb to natural wear and tear. Having to replace one provides the opportunity to change the look of your property.

Wooden Doors

Garage doors commonly feature a series of panels embellished with trim and other details. They are also constructed using different materials. Wood is a traditional building material that creates a door that might exude charm or a rustic appeal. They can be manufactured in any size needed and in varied styles. Wooden doors also vary in price depending on the type of wood used and whether the doors are solid wood or consist of a framed filled with insulation. Doors made from wood are very sturdy. However, they do require periodic refinishing or repainting.

Steel Doors

Metal garage doors are an ideal option when looking to reduce maintenance tasks. Steel is inexpensive and durable. However, the metal must be treated to prevent rust. Scratches and dents need touch-ups. If you are interested in choosing steel doors, make sure that they consist of 24-or 25-gauge panels. Another option includes steel with fiberglass overlay to resist marring and prevent rust. Quality steel garage doors commonly come with lifetime warranties on everything from the hardware and the insulation to the paint.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors were once popular and relatively inexpensive. However today, the design as evolved into sturdier versions, which include heavy extruded frames and dent-resistant panels. The newer doors are much tougher and rust-proof. Nevertheless, the many improvements over traditional aluminum doors comes with a hefty price. There are less expensive aluminum garage doors, which also incorporate polyethylene. The lighter weight of the metal makes for a great choice if needing extra wide or double doors.