When the temperature rises, the process of keeping cold air in a home will be easier if every space is insulated. Although a garage has multiple risky areas, a typical homeowner can avoid high energy costs by investing in a proper insulation product.

The Best Garage Door Insulation Materials

While a garage door is installed, ideal insulation material must be selected so that air won’t escape whenever an air conditioner is used. Foil materials, foam solutions, and panel kits are the most popular options, and each product can boost energy efficiency.


Reflective foil insulation is easy to buy and transport from a store because it’s manufactured on rolls. This insulation material is over an inch thick and can effectively keep cold air in a garage. Currents can’t escape easily since this reflective material is constructed out of two aluminum foil layers and one polyethylene layer.


Polystyrene foam can also be transported with ease because it’s stocked in stores in sheets. Since a technician who performs garage installation in Las Vegas can cut these sheets so that the insulation fits snugly in various panels, the installation process isn’t a hassle. When compared to foil insulation, foam is easier to handle since it isn’t rigid. However, because polystyrene is rigid, it insulates a space more efficiently than foil.

Panel Kit

Panel kits are designed in several pre-cut sections that can be placed in various areas around a garage door frame. The panels are usually made of laminated polystyrene or fiberglass. Polystyrene is the most practical option, as it shields air in a reliable way. Fiberglass is the best solution for homes in rural areas since the material can withstand environmental damage that’s caused by water and mold.