How to Make Your Garage Door More Environmentally Friendly

The garage door is used multiple times throughout the week and can allow cold or hot air into the building. Most homeowners are always looking for new ways to reduce their energy usage and save more money. If you want to make your garage door more energy efficient, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Add Insulation

Insulating your garage door is one of the most effective ways of controlling your energy usage by installing a door that has insulation with an R-value of 13 to 17.5 percent. You’ll also want to maintain the garage door to ensure that it can open and close quickly to limit the amount of cold or hot air that escapes the garage. You may also want to seal the garage door and check for any leaks that are present and install weather stripping around the garage doorframe.

You can also consider installing a new garage door in Las Vegas if your current one doesn’t include insulation.

Upgrade the Garage Windows

Upgrade the garage windows to limit the amount of air transfer that takes place with energy efficient windows that are installed. The windows may be an investment but can allow you to save more money over time with the amount of energy that is conserved. You can also consider switching to storm windows for a durable option that will prove to be effective in extreme weather conditions.

Installing Energy Star windows inside of the garage will also reduce drafts with double pane windows that are purchased.

Install Aluminum Capping

Many homeowners choose to use aluminum capping around wooden doorframes on the garage door to limit the number of drafts that are present. Aluminum sheeting will allow you to save more money and can also increase the visual appeal of the exterior of the garage door by creating a finished look. Aluminum capping is also useful for eliminating future maintenance that is needed on the wooden garage doorframe.