When customers are shopping for a new garage door, they are often surprised at the variety of choices they have to choose from. Garage doors come in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. The materials garage doors are made from differ greatly as well such as steel, aluminum, wood, glass and vinyl. While discussing all the options you have when purchasing a new garage door is too lengthy to cover here, we will at least break down some of the more basic types of garage doors that you have to choose from.

Classic Steel Garage Doors
classic steel garage doorSteel garage doors are durable, economical, and require very little maintenance. This traditional type of garage door feature short or long panel design and come if different colors. These doors can be enhanced with a wide variety of window options as well.

Carriage House Steel
steel carriage garage doorCarriage House Steel doors are made of steel but have the look of swinging stable doors. Perfect for those looking to add an old-world, rustic charm to the look of their home. The give the appearance of doors that swing open by actually move up and down like most automatic garage doors. There is also a variety of window options to choose from.

Wood Doors
FLUSHFReal wood garage doors are probably the most beautiful of all garage doors because of their natural wood appearance. They are also highly customizable to match the architectural design of any home. Wood doors do have a higher degree of maintenance when it comes to weather proofing, but they also add a high degree of curb appeal to the value of your home.

Designer Fiberglass
fiberglass wood garage doorThese types of doors offer a molded wood-grain fiberglass surface that covers the underlying steel construction. They offer the look and beauty of a real wood door but with much less maintenance. Fiberglass doors generally have a pre-determined stained finish look, but can be customized with window options and choice of garage door hardware.

Contemporary Glass and Aluminum
glass aluminum garage doorIf you are looking for a modern, contemporary style for your home, you may want to consider this type of door. They feature large full view glass panels that can be frosted or clear. In conjunction with their rugged, anodized aluminum framing, these doors are surprisingly low-maintenance and provide a great look for your home.

As we mentioned, these are just a few of the options you will have to consider when purchasing a new garage door. If you are in the Las Vegas area and in the market for a new door, we encourage you to visit our website or call our expert technicians to help you choose the perfect door for your home.