Most Useful Garage Door Safety Tips

Most residents use their home’s garage door on a daily basis to access their vehicle, sporting equipment, and tools. Although most garage doors are easy to use by both children and adults, there are a few safety concerns to be aware of to avoid potential accidents that can take place. If you want to remain safe and protect yourself, there are a few useful garage door safety tips to practice.

Inspect the Sensors

The sensors that are installed in the garage are designed to detect any objects that stand in the way of the door as it opens and closes. Place a broom or a brick on the floor of the garage before pushing the garage door opener. If the door fails to reverse when coming in contact with the object, then you’ll need to hire a professional to perform garage door repair in Henderson. You can also adjust each sensor to determine if it’s not aligned with the other sensor correctly.

Watch Your Fingers

Children are often prone to suffering from injuries that are related to garage doors because they often stick their fingers under the door or get too close to joints near panels. Approximately 7,500 accidents related to fingers and garage doors occurs annually, making it necessary to teach children to stay away from the parts and avoid playing with the door by opening or closing it. You can also install a new garage door that features pinch protection to prevent any issues for added peace of mind.

Protect Your Passwords

Many burglars can break into garage doors if they get access to a password that is in place. Although it may be convenient to give the password to your family members and friends if they need to access the garage or the home, it can also put you at risk of the password getting into the wrong hands. Newer smartphone apps are available to ensure that you can have complete control of the feature and operate it from your smartphone or tablet.