Why Use Your Garage as a Gym

Turning your garage into a gym can be a great idea. If you don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership or prefer to work out alone and without having to wait for equipment, you can install a variety of equipment in your garage. However, you should be aware that for your own safety and comfort, you should do more than just put your weights, stationary bike or treadmill in your garage.

You should also ensure that you have temperature controls in your garage and that it’s properly insulated. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you have the right flooring and you have places to store your workout equipment.

Temperature Management

While heating is probably less of an issue in Nevada, you definitely want to have your gym cooled. Even if you keep your garage door open when you work out, without a ventilation fan at a bare minimum, the temperature can easily rise to above 90 degrees in your garage.

However, your best bet is to install a standalone air conditioner in your garage and get a new garage door in Las Vegas that’s insulated. There are ductless AC units that don’t require you to run anything other than lines for power and coolant, and they are easy to install and are fairly energy efficient.


An insulated garage door can do more than just help you stay comfortable while you’re working out by keeping hot air outside. Your garage is an area where outside temperatures can easily flow in, and this warmth will often make it’s way into your home, increasing the work your AC needs to do. Along with making your garage a more comfortable gym, an insulated garage door can also help to reduce your overall energy bills.

Gym Flooring

Concrete is not a good idea for a gym floor. It has no give, and it’s easy to get hurt if you fall or to do damage to your joints without a floor that absorbs some impact. There are a number of DIY flooring options available that can allow you to install your own shock absorbing flooring. You can even find floor tiles of this type that will allow you to park your car on them and that will fit well with your garage door.