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Three Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need to be Replaced

Garage door springs are certainly something you don’t think about until you have a problem with them. Springs do a simple job, but they actually undergo a lot of stress on a day to day basis. This constant tension can build over time and cause the springs to break, which will cause the door to stop going up and down completely.

Of course, this is something you want to avoid completely. It is much cheaper and less time-consuming to hire someone for garage door spring repair than it is to have your garage springs replaced. In order to prevent your garage door springs malfunctioning, you need to look out for signs that they might be about to go. Here are three of the most common indicators that you need to call a garage door repair specialist to take a look at your springs.

You Have Had the Door for More Than Ten Years

Each spring has a shelf life. Experts say each one should complete about 10,000 up and down cycles before they give out. If you use your garage door at the average rate, it will last about ten years. If you have lived in your home longer than ten years without having your garage door springs looked at, they probably should be replaced. The performance of the springs might have declined, and you might not have noticed because it has been gradual.

Test the Door’s Stability

If you think your springs might be having issues, try this test. First, set up your garage door so it can only be opened manually. Once you have done this, open it halfway. The door will stay in place if the springs are still good. Spring problems will cause the door to slide up or down because they are not supporting it properly. Professional attention is definitely needed if you experience this issue.


Call a pro immediately if you hear foreign noises coming from the springs when you are opening or closing the garage door. The noises could mean the springs are worn out and they can no longer support the full weight of the garage door. This is a sign of failing garage door springs, so don’t hesitate if you are experiencing this issue.

Don’t underestimate the value of properly working garage door system. If you have had your garage door for a while, it’s worth having a professional check out the springs.