Determining If Your Garage Door Is Unbalanced

One of the most common issues that occur with garage doors on residential properties is that the product becomes unbalanced. Over time, the weight can shift, which can lead to many different issues and excess wear on the parts. If you want to determine if the garage door is unbalanced, there are a few signs to look for as a homeowner.

The Door Looks Crooked

You may notice that your garage door looks crooked when it opens and closes. You may realize that one part of the garage door seems higher than the other when the product is at rest and that it looks lopsided. Garage doors that are lopsided occur due to a torsion spring that has failed and needs Henderson garage repair with the help of a professional.

It Falls Quickly

Unbalanced garage doors are known for falling quickly when they’re in the manual mode due to too much weight that is placed on one side of the door. A garage door that doesn’t stay put when it’s opened halfway can be a safety risk and means that repairs are needed. It may also not stay open when it’s in the manual mode or it begins to open after it’s closed. You may also have to strain and use your physical strength to open your garage door due to aging springs that have become unbalanced. The garage door motor may not be able to lift the weight any longer, which will require you to lift it on your own.

Unusual Sounds

You may notice unusual sounds or noises from your garage door when it opens or closes each day. Garage doors can begin to squeak or make shaking noises if they’re out of alignment because they start to work too hard when they’re used. If the issue is unaddressed, permanent damage to the mechanism can begin to occur.