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Keeping the Power of a Garage Door in Line

Automation means that a garage door opens immediately once you press a button, clap your hands, or simply drive close to your garage door. These creature-comforts are possible with an electronic engine from a garage installation Las Vegas. The good news is that gasoline won’t need to power these motors, and the new garage installation will remain clear of combustibles. Power is dependent on the size of the garage door, the materials it uses, and the type of design it’s molded as. Folding doors, those which often use two panels that bend at the middle to fold into each other, need a stronger motor the higher the door has to fold up. Here, take a look at engine power to ensure the perfect match for performance.

Lightweight Materials

The ⅓ horsepower range is about finding balance and function together when installing garage doors. Synthetics create such a light door that not much power is required. However, homeowners will find it troubling if that door opens too fast and closes in the same way. The reasons come about when the door stops. Jamming every time the door stops to open or close will eventually cause damage that needs to be fixed. Light engine power, like the ⅓ horsepower range, manages light doors at the rate necessary to keep parts intact and to avoid damage.

A Mixed Weight for Horsepower

The ½ horsepower range is most commonly used for Las Vegas garage services. Some of the basic features we find with these engines include laser sensors, overhead springs, pulley systems, and guide tracks. These aren’t found in every door, but the presence of such can be adequately managed with a mixed-weight engine that’s suitable for most Las Vegas installations.

High Power Ranges

The ¾ horsepower engine is suitable for the heaviest doors. You have the option of installing two motors for one task. High horsepower is ideal for industrial use that can be found at fire houses, plane hangers, and loading factories. These doors are large due to the work they enable with large trucks and vehicles. Closing and opening such spaces require an engine that will work at high rates but at a slow and steady pace like the ¾ horsepower engine.