Learn about three ways that you can increase the security of your home and garage by making some adjustments to the garage door opener’s remote control.

Three Simple Ways to Secure Your Garage Door’s Remote Control

Most people keep the remote control for their garage door’s opener in a handy location, such as on the sun visor or in the console. Unfortunately, thieves are all too aware of this, which makes your car and home an easy target for burglary. These tips can help you to keep your garage door opener in Las Vegas as secure as possible.

Take It With You

One simple way to reduce the possibility of a home break-in through your garage is to take the remote control with you when you park your car. Most of the remotes are small and lightweight. Their compact size makes them ideal for sliding into your pants pocket, purse or backpack. You could do this on your daily trip to work, when shopping at the mall or even when you are temporarily parking in your own driveway.

Remove the Batteries

If bringing the garage door opener’s remote control with you is not feasible, simply removing its batteries may be an easier option. The battery compartment of some remote controls requires the use of a small Philips head screwdriver. Other remotes do not require any tools to access the battery compartment. Instead, they can be pushed open with the pressure of your hands. Removing the batteries may be a good option if you are leaving your car parked in the long-term parking at an airport or parking garage or if you are putting your vehicle into storage for a while.

Upgrading Remote Controls

The newest generation of remote controls uses a different security code with each push of the “on” button. This means that nobody can clone its radio frequency signal. Upgrading to this type of a remote helps to increase your garage’s security from crimes of convenience. You could also consider an opener that is linked to your smartphone. You can disable the opener with a swipe on its screen.