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Some Items Don’t Belong in the Garage

Your garage is the ideal spot for a bike, your tool set or that couch that you can’t fit in the living room anymore. However, there are some things that should be kept in a shed or thrown out when you no longer want or need to use them. Let’s take a look at a few of these items and how they should be stored instead.

Remove Anything That Could Be Damaged by Water

Your garage is likely to be a space full of excess moisture and humidity in the spring and summer. It may also be wet in the winter as people and vehicles that are covered in snow enter the house through it. Usually, the garage is warmer than the outdoor temperature, which means that the snow will melt and create puddles throughout. Therefore, you want to avoid storing cardboard boxes, pictures or anything made from paper in a wet garage.

Keep the Paint and Thinner in the Shed

Paint and paint thinner should be stored in a shed when it is not in use. This is also true of any other chemicals that could potentially leak into the air. Storing these items away from people prevents anyone from breathing in potentially hazardous materials. It is also worth chemical potentially flammable materials away from the garage as it could cause an explosion that results in injury or property damage. Finally, keeping paint or oil in a shed keeps animals from potentially huffing, licking or ingesting it.

Have Your Garage Inspected Regularly

To protect your home and your investment in that home, it can be worthwhile to schedule a garage and garage door inspection. If there is any damage that needs to be fixed, a Las Vegas garage door repair company may be able to help. This may be true whether the door has suffered water, pest or other types of damage to the door itself or related components.