Teaching Children About Garage Door Safety

Garage door repair in Henderson is often necessary because children used the door as a toy or left a bicycle in the wrong place. Kids will be kids, but parents who’ve never introduced their children to the system and how to use it should consider doing so. That kind of knowledge leads many children to behave in the way you want.

Introduce Them to the System

Show them the system and how it works. Kids are curious by nature, and most will find it fascinating. Demonstrate how the system is enabled and disabled. Explain the bypass trigger that lets the door be used in manual mode. If the opener has a backup battery or is connected to a home generator, explain that aspect as well. Be sure to emphasize the photo eye and mechanical safety mechanisms too.

Point Out What Can Hurt Them

This will vary from one configuration to the next, but in general, the areas to highlight are the spring system and the lifting cable. Springs can hurt people when moving, and the kids ever see a broken spring, they should tell you immediately. The cables are under extreme tension and should never be touched because if they’re ever compromised, they can hurt people really badly as well.

Teach Kids How to Access the Garage

Explain the remote. If the garage is accessed through a smartphone, give them that responsibility on their own phones. If you have a keypad, give them the code and show them how to enter it. Stress how important all of this is to the safety of your family and home.

Emphasize That the Garage Door Is Not a Toy

Even with this knowledge, riding up and down may seem like a lot of fun. Explain to children that regular maintenance costs you time and/or money and that their fun time would be make your expenses go up.