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Panels are among the areas of a garage door that are subject to the most abuse. Fortunately, damaged panels are usually pretty simple to repair.

Repairing Rather Than Replacing a Garage Door Panel

When homeowners call for garage door repair in Henderson, panel damage is among the most common reasons. After all, garage door panels take abuse from things like the weather, children playing kickball or the occasional bump from a preoccupied driver. The good news is that garage door dents and other damage are often relatively simple to correct.

Wooden Panels

While the downside of wood panels is the possibility of greater maintenance requirements, those same characteristics make these panels among the easiest to repair. Even when damage is severe, the broken panel can be cut, removed and replaced. This type of panel also gives you the option of adding windows and accessories like mail slots or knockers. Best of all, once the replacement panel is caulked, primed and painted, it will look almost like new.

Metal Panels

If your garage doors are made from a metal such as aluminum, all isn’t lost when you get a dent. In fact, professionals have a wide range of techniques at their disposal, and many of these methods don’t involve pounding out the dent as you might imagine. Often, a process that uses heat and cold can reduce the resistance of the metal enough to form it back into shape.

Vinyl Panels

The great thing about vinyl is that it’s highly unlikely to dent, crack or wear. The biggest potential issue is that it can tear if struck hard enough by a sharp object. This isn’t a common occurrence, but you do have options if it happens. You can try to patch it yourself, but professional vinyl repair often goes a step or more beyond what you’ll find with basic vinyl repair kits. Sectional replacement is also an option on some vinyl doors.

Repairing as Option Number One

When it comes to dents, dings, chips and the like, consider exploring the repair option first. Repairs can make a garage door like-new and save you money. Sometimes, you can even get warranties and other guarantees on the repairs.