Which Garage Door Should You Pick For Your Garage?

When you design your garage, you have to consider a few factors. One thing you will need to figure for is whether you will have the experts in Las Vegas garage door repair install one double door or two single doors. Neither of the styles will fit all home garages. You will need to think about the following elements before getting a garage door installation.

The Width of Your Garage

Whether your residence comes with an attached or detached garage doesn’t matter. To get the right doors, you need to figure for what purposes you will use your garage. If you plan on parking two of your cars in the garage, you will need to have a garage that is at least 18 inches wide and 22 inches deep. If you want two single doors that measure 8 inches by 7 inches, you will need a garage that is 22 inches wide. Larger garages require larger doors.

To pick a size for your garage door, you will need to consider the cars that you will park in your home garage. Measure the vehicles, then figure out how much extra space you will need for your other possessions. When you take the measurements, consider the amount of space you will need when you open the garage door.


When you choose the door for your garage, you will have to consider some practical aspects. For example, if you possess two single doors, less cold air will get in your garage. If you cool your garage, you may find that your energy bills get lower.

If your single garage door breaks down, both of your vehicles could get stuck in your garage. Those homeowners who have two single doors can get at least one car out.

If you have three small cars, consider getting a single door. Getting multiple cars out of one garage may get easier if you do it out of one door.

Cost Difference: Single Doors and Double Garage Doors

When taking on this garage door repair project, you will need to consider your budget. However, you will soon find that two single doors and a double door will have similar costs. One thing that could make the price higher is to have a door opener for the second single door.

You could just choose a bigger single door. This choice does not mean that you will need a more powerful electric door opener. You just need to ensure that the door gets balanced and that gets installed well. If the garage door technician puts in a good, sound system, it will reduce some of the weight of the garage door.