Reasons Why the Garage Door May Not Close

One of the main reasons why people have a garage attached to their homes is because it provides a safe place to put a car or other items at night. However, if the door doesn’t close, it can make the garage and entire home vulnerable to unauthorized entry and theft. Let’s take a closer look into why the door may not close and how the problem may be fixed.

There May Be a Sensor Issue

If the garage door senses that something is on the ground, it may halt the process of closing. This is to prevent a door from shutting on top of a person, pet or car. However, if the sensor is faulty, the door may stop closing even if there is nothing that it could hit. Homeowners may want to check to see if there are any electrical issues or any debris that is setting the sensor off before calling for help.

Call a Garage Repair Professional

If a homeowner is unable to determine why his or her garage door is not closing, it may be a good idea to call a Las Vegas garage door repair professional. This person may be able to take a look at the door and other components to determine what the issue may be. If the homeowner does know what the problem is, a professional may be able to confirm what the homeowner has found and take action to fix the issue immediately.

Garage Door Problems Should Not Be Allowed to Linger

Problems with a garage door should be taken care of right away. Failure to do so could turn a simple and fast fix into an expensive project that could take an entire day or more to finish. If a door is not closing after the remote has been pushed, it may be possible to unlock the door and close it manually until help can arrive.