Proper maintenance is important to keep your garage door working for years to come. Hiring a professional to perform maintenance services can help you avoid common issues that may lead to serious damage later on.

Small Issues That Lead to Larger Garage Door Problems Later

Maintaining your garage door is extremely important. The purpose of a garage door is to protect what’s in your garage from the outside elements. If it breaks down, your belongings are vulnerable. Like any other mechanical equipment, however, parts on your door can wear out over time. Even a new garage door in Las Vegas can fall victim to these issues. It’s important to take care of these problems before they get worse.

Breaking Lifting Cables

Automatic garage doors have lifting cables. As their name suggests, they help lift the garage door when you hit the open button on the remote control. Over time, the cables become brittle and start to fray. It doesn’t take much longer for them to snap. This is not only bad for your garage door but is also dangerous because a snapped wire can send your garage door crashing down.

Bad Rollers

Unless you buy a new garage door from a trusted company, the rollers that come with it probably aren’t of high quality. Bad rollers cause more drag, which wears out the lifting cables faster than normal. After buying a new garage door, pay a professional to put premium rollers on your door. They can ensure that your door opens smoothly for years to come.

Worn Out Hinges

The hinges on your garage door can wear out over time. In fact, the first sign of worn out hinges is when a normally quiet garage door becomes noisy. One way to slow down the wear on your hinges is to hire a professional to oil them properly from time to time. Although the oil keeps your hinges working longer, you will eventually need to buy a new garage door.