Do You Need a Garage Door Opener Backup Battery?

That new garage door Las Vegas homeowners choose to beautify their homes and make them more convenient will often include an opener. Openers are generally wired to the home electrical system, and many opener brands offer a backup battery as an optional upgrade that can kick in when main power isn’t available.

How an Opener Gets Power

An opener will generally draw power direct from the home electrical system just as your lights, stove, refrigerator and so forth. If your home has an integrated backup generator, then it will draw power from that system when it kicks in. If power is out and there’s no generator, you always have the option to open the door manually just as you would with a traditional garage door. Whether or not that is inconvenient to you and warrants a backup battery depends on many factors.

Do Openers Include Backup Batteries?

It depends. Practically all openers on the market support a backup battery. Some products will include it but may brands opt to offer it as an add-on instead. This keeps the price of the primary purchase down for people who don’t need backup batteries, such as those who have home generators.

Can Batteries Be Purchased After the Fact?

Absolutely. If you choose not to purchase a backup battery now but may purchase it later, you do have that option. Perhaps the best option is to contact the company that installed your door since they will be able to identify the exact battery that you need.

Do Backup Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

Yes. Even if you never have to use your battery because the power went out, it will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge. The industry average is about three years. However, it isn’t generally necessary to replace these batteries proactively. They usually have an alert system that will beep to let you know that it’s time.