Having a thorough knowledge of the common issues that adversely affect a garage door may allow you to prevent these problems from developing in the future.

Why Your Garage Door Won’t Operate Properly

Both residential and commercial garage doors can stop working properly for any number of reasons. Identifying what’s causing the issue is essential to actually fixing the problem. Most problems require the assistance of a company that specializes in Las Vegas garage door repair. Here are some of the main reasons that your garage door may not be working properly.

Misaligned Track

One of the more common problems that occur with a garage door is a misaligned track. If this track is out of alignment, your door will be unable to move until the alignment issue has been fixed. This issue is typically noted by visual gaps between the rail and rollers. Sometimes the door may move slightly, while at other times the door won’t move at all. Don’t continue attempting to open it, as this can result in further damage. A garage door professional should tackle alignment issues.

Broken Springs

As is the case with practically all appliances, certain parts within a garage door will deteriorate in quality over time. This is due to continual opening and closing of the door. Over time, the torsion springs within the door may become broken, so your garage door won’t open at all. When these break, you’ll typically hear a loud bang. There are a total of two torsion springs within the door. When one is broken, the other will usually fail to open the door by itself. Thankfully, these springs are easy to replace with the assistance of a garage door professional.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

One of the easiest to fix issues with garage doors is when the transmitter batteries are dead. If these batteries are dead, the signal will be unable to be sent from the transmitter, which means that there will be no opening or closing the door by remote until they are replaced. You can determine if your transmitter requires more batteries by checking the wall transmitter. If the wall transmitter is working as it should, it’s a simple case of dead batteries.