A detached garage adds a great deal of functional space to your home. It can get you one of the highest returns of any home renovation, other than upgrading countertops and kitchen appliances that can yield close to 100% ROI. The exact value you can add by building a garage depends on your neighborhood. If most houses nearby have a garage and yours doesn’t, the project can have significant impacts.


Cost of Building a Detached Garage


According to HomeAdvisor, the national average to build a garage is $27,790 and a detached unit can cost 10% to 15% more than an attached garage. On average, it can increase resale value by $21,000. This yields a return on investment of 81%, according to numbers by Pocket Sense.2


Detached Garages Allow for Customization


Customization provides other opportunities to add value. Adding insulated panels can minimize heat transfer, making the garage space more comfortable, and reduce temperature differences that can lead to condensation. Depending on how you plan to use the garage, you might want to add a heating and air conditioning system as well. Insulation and being separate from the main house also provide noise control, so you can use power tools or even start a garage band without disturbing occupants at home.


Your renovation project can provide perks a prospective buyer may be looking for. It also increases the overall square footage of your home, which boosts property value. A new construction that requires little maintenance, and flexibility, such that allows the garage to be converted into a workshop, family room, or office, are attractive aspects as well.


How Do I Maximize the Return?


Not every detached garage will yield the highest possible ROI. To maximize the return, consider where your home is located. You’ll need a good heating system if the winters are typically harsh. For a home in the south, where the summers are hot, a high-efficiency air conditioning system is a must. Make sure the garage has a fresh coat of paint, while incorporating landscaping and matching the design of your home are ways to boost value. Also make sure the storage layout is simple and practical.


Functionality is of course a major factor in adding property value. A two- or three-car garage will likely attract more buyers than a smaller one. Larger garages can fit more cars or allow a homeowner to park a car and customize the remaining space in other ways.


Factors that Can Cost You Money


There can be a lot of negative factors when building a structure that’s not part of your property’s original plan. Detached garages can be easier to construct with prefabricated metal kits. However, the project could cost you in the long run if the building is too big. While it’s easy to customize a prefabricated building, the wrong design or layout can ruin the aesthetic, and an additional structure can create more maintenance for the homeowner. In that case, future buyers may be turned off by high-maintenance building materials. Choosing steel is one way to mitigate this risk, as it is durable and reliable.


Order Your Garage Door from Precision


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