Many homeowners find that they could use more living space. But building a house extension is a complex and expensive project. A more practical alternative to a home addition is to convert the garage into a functional living area. After all, many people choose to park their cars on the street anyway, leaving the garage empty. Converting a garage into a room has many possibilities.

Garage Conversion Ideas

Some top garage remodeling ideas include creating a:

  • Home Office – More people are working from home or creating home-based businesses, so a home office provides an opportunity to explore just about any business venture. A garage has more than enough space to accommodate an office setup with a computer workstation, meeting/conference area, and storage.
  • Bedroom or Guest House – Since you already have an open layout to work with, it’s feasible to create an extra bedroom or add a guest suite. You can arrange the furniture in just about any way you want. Plus, there are unlimited design possibilities.
  • Home Gym/Fitness Room – Most garages can accommodate basic fitness equipment. By turning your garage into a gym, you don’t have to travel or share equipment and can work out privately.
  • Play Room – Children need their space too. Converting the garage into a play room gives them plenty of room for fun without taking over the house.
  • Art Studio – If you have a hobby you’d like to spend more time on, the garage is the perfect space. Your studio can include a place to focus on your craft and room to display your creations.

Garage Remodeling Tips & Essentials

Every garage conversion project requires a plan. There are a lot of considerations, all of which add to the cost and the budget you will need.

  • Insulation – About $1 per square foot, so insulating an entire garage can cost several hundred dollars, including the walls, ceiling, and floor, which may need to be raised.
  • HVAC ducts and vents – Can cost up to $2,000, not including the cost of heating and cooling equipment for your HVAC system.
  • Garage door upgrade – With so many garage door types and options for insulation and energy efficiency, the cost is highly variable.
  • Outlets, lighting, and electrical wiring – An electrician can charge up to $100 per hour to run wiring; the more wires, outlets, and lights you need, the more this will cost.
  • Windows – Expect to spend about $1,000 per each window that you add. The benefits can be worth it in terms of comfort and efficiency. You may want to add extra doors as well.
  • Plumbing – Can cost from $300 to $1,800; building a bathroom from scratch is a costly job.

Depending on your local building code, you may also need a permit to convert your garage. On average, permits for such construction range from $1,000 to $1,500. In addition, you will need to order an inspection to ensure the project meets building code and zoning requirements.

Pros and Cons of Garage Conversion

If you plan on undertaking a major garage renovation, the pros of such work include:

  • Additional living space
  • More usable room in your home
  • No need to build a new structure
  • You keep all your yard space
  • More affordable than home additions

However, converting a garage can have some cons, such as:

  • No space to store your car
  • A vehicle left outside, exposed to the elements
  • Reduced storage space
  • Can be costly and time-consuming
  • No guarantee of added home value

Conclusion: Should You Convert Your Garage?

If you intend to add living space in your garage, we hope these tips give you ideas and help understand the main things to consider. A garage conversion is a project that serves your functional needs at home. It’s a major renovation, but with professional help, you can achieve your goals.

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