Residents in Las Vegas are fortunate to enjoy a fairly temperate climate, however, temps can still get pretty low during the winter. Cold weather can have adverse effects on your garage door so winterizing your garage can help keep your door operating and running smoothly, as well as help keep your home warm.

Most of us store items in our garage that can freeze so keeping the cold out is essential. One of the main features of your garage door that helps keep the cold out is the weather stripping. Over time, weather stripping has a tendency to wear out and tear or crack. Cold air can seep through the cracks so it’s important to replace worn out weather stripping.

Another good idea is to insulate your garage. Garage insulation kits are readily available at most home improvement stores. The kits generally consist of soft material that attaches to the panels of your garage door. Note that most insulation kits come with rating depending on the climate that you live in. Insulation not only helps with keeping heat in but will also help keep your garage cooler in the summer.

There are areas such as around pipes, electrical sockets, windows, vents and other openings that are often uninsulated. By sealing these areas up tight with caulking or expanding foam insulation you can help keep warm air in and cold air out.

For those that live in extremely cold climates, you may just want to replace your door with a weather proof door. The doors are pre-insulated and come with between-section sealing to prevent cold air infiltration. These doors will also help keep your garage cool in the summer.

If you have any questions about winterizing your garage, please call the experts at Precision Garage of Las Vegas.