Your garage door is your only line of defense to keep someone out of your garage. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to keep your garage safe.

Garage Safety: How Safe is Your Garage?

How safe is your home? According to experts, a home is only as secure as its garage. In fact, statistics show that over 40 percent of all forcible burglaries happen via an attached garage. Burglars not only leave you needing a Henderson garage repair after breaking down your garage door, but they leave you feeling vulnerable. Here are a few ways that you can safeguard your garage.


Having lights around your garage door is one of the most important steps you can take to protect it from burglars. Since you may not want to leave your lights on all the time, it’s best to get some that are triggered by motion. If someone approaches your garage door late at night, the lights will turn on. This is usually enough to deter burglars from attempting to break in. You can boost security even further by installing a camera that turns on with the lights. Such systems are sold in stores and can be easily installed by a professional.


It’s common for people to dress up the outside of their houses with plants. However, putting them too close to your garage or garage door can give burglars the cover that they need to break in. Try to keep plants, trees, and shrubs off to the side of your house and away from your garage door. Don’t give burglars any extra places to hide.

Pet Doors

Some garage doors can be fitted with pet doors. While this is a great idea for people who have pets, it also gives burglars easy access to your garage. If you have a pet door installed, make sure that it can be locked at night when you’re sleeping. Remember that pet doors can allow other animals to access your garage as well.