Why Your Garage Door Wall Button Isn’t Working

If you’ve ever pushed the wall button of your garage door and it didn’t close or open, these tips can be tried to figure out what’s malfunctioning. These are what experts in the in the industry who regularly handle garage door spring repairs would try.

Test to See If the Button’s Bad

You’ll have to disconnect the wires from it to determine if the button’s bad. Touch the bare end of each of the wires together after that. When the door operates, then it either means the button was faulty or the wires weren’t tight enough. Be sure to push-in the connectors or screw in the wires just to ensure the wires aren’t the issue. When the wires have already been tested, then you’ll know if the button has to be renewed. You can either use the equivalent kind of button you have installed currently or get a doorbell one to take its place.

Remove the Power From the Opener and Wall Mount

Before working with the garage door opener or wall mount, take away any source of power. This can be done by flipping the switch of the breaker box that gives power to these two elements. Go ahead and remove the power source from the opener in order to stay on the safe side as well.

Inspect the Wiring to See If It’s Loose

To verify if the wires are somewhat loose, you can pull on them gently. Be aware that you’re not loosening them up or pulling them out. A lot of openers use more than a single set of wires, so must check each set. If you believe they’re loose, then you’ll need to utilize a screw to make the wires tighter. You might have to push in the connectors with regards to the kind of opener you use.

Figure Out If the Wiring Is Faulty

To find out if the wires are bad, unscrew and touch the head of a screwdriver to the two screws on the connector. When you have the type of connectors that are push-in, you’ll have to take out the wires and link it to the terminals. You’ll know the wires have to be replaced if the door opens when you do this.