Some garage door problems can impact a home in dramatic ways. By resolving these problems quickly, you’ll avoid situations that can lead to high energy costs and theft.

Garage Door Issues That Impact Utility Costs and Security

When a garage door opens automatically while no one is around, any air that has cooled the space will escape. As a result, energy costs will rise until the door is closed manually. Besides the higher bill, a faulty garage door that functions on its own can also cause garage security problems. If this happens consistently, a thief may try to access a garage after carefully monitoring the operating patterns. The best way to avoid these situations is by seeking Henderson garage repair services whenever the most common signs are noticed.

Typical Problems

Most garage operational problems occur when electronic issues develop on the circuit board that powers a garage door opener. However, if a circuit board is in good condition, a mechanical issue is probably affecting how the hardware functions. The most common mechanical problems are a defective wall button and a faulty remote. In some cases, a door will also open without notice when the wiring that powers a wall button is damaged.

Radio Frequency Issues

Although radio frequency problems don’t cause many problems in typical residential areas, a homeowner should still investigate. If someone else has a garage door that’s programmed with the same code, a nearby door will open each time the neighbor uses the equipment. In order to resolve this problem, a garage door technician must modify the code or fix the hardware.