What Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

The average labor cost in 2017 for a garage door opener installation on a standard garage door was $150. This takes roughly two hours to finish. This is an estimate of the labor only so you would need to find a garage door opener online or get the installation company to offer one to you. Labor prices can range from $120-$300 depending on where you’re from in Vegas. Here are some more things you can look out for in regards to installing a garage door opener in Vegas.

Should I Install the Opener by Myself?

Performing a Las Vegas garage door repair yourself is definitely an option. Some garage door openers can be extremely easy to put together and will include step by step instructions. You can contact customer support for different brands and they’ll help you through the issue and help program remotes, keypads and limits. When your garage door reaches higher than seven feet, you’ll have to use an eight-foot rail extension kit. These types of extension kits are offered by various brands and include a drive belt or longer rails. Such a kit will let you install an opener on garage doors in excess of seven feet tall.

The Parts Needed for Installing a Garage Door Opener

Some new garage door openers in Vegas will have everything needed for installation, but certain extra things are needed or recommended. The initial item you’ll need is a light bulb for your garage door opener.

With steel back insulated garage doors, you’ll want to ensure you’re applying an opener reinforcement bracket to connect your door opener pickup arm with the door. This will make sure the connection with an insulated door is adequate. Steel back insulated garage doors use three sections of metal placed inside the door to cover up any insulation.