Garages seem to accumulate stuff no matter how diligent you are about keeping it organized. Among some of the clutter, hidden dangers may be lurking in the dark or even right out in the open. Here’s the top five dangers that may exist in your garage.

Fire Hazards
Firefighters will tell you that some of the worst home fires they fight start in the garage because of the amount of combustible materials that are usually present in most garages. Gasoline, paint thinner, greasy rags, wood, and sawdust are all items that can be potential fire hazards. Keeping theses items stored safely away from heat sources is key to helping prevent fires in your garage.

Standing Oil/Fluids
We have all probably had that car that leaves a puddle of oil or transmission underneath the car. When the car is not in the garage, the standing fluid is exposed and that creates a slip and fall hazard for anyone walking through the garage. If you’ve ever accidentally stepped in a patch of oil, you know just how slippery it can be. Use kitty litter or absorbent to soak up any free standing oil or fluids. Probably a good idea to have you car serviced if it is constantly leaking oil.

Spiders, Bugs, and Critters
There are many critters that like to invade garages such a mice, squirrels, snakes, and raccoons, and bugs as well like spiders, bees, and wasps. To help avoid getting critters in your garage, inspect the outside to see if there are entrances into the garage you aren’t aware of. Don’t leave food, drink, or open garbage exposed as that may attract unwanted guests. Have a pest control spray your garage regularly to help rid of spiders and bugs.

Water Heaters
Many time water heaters are located in the garage. Poorly maintained water heaters can pose a potential hazard for homeowners in different ways. Water heaters have a life span and when they fail, it’s usually because of rust. When the rust eats through, you may end up with a completely flooded garage ruining any non-waterproof items you have on the ground. Even if it’s a slow leak, the moisture can result in a build up of black mold which can be a respiratory hazard.

An even worse situation is when the water heater burner fails to shut off. This can cause a fire or may cause the water heater pressure to build up to the point of exploding. It’s important to make sure you water heater is properly maintained and replaced when necessary.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxides is an odor-less, color-less gas that is deadly in high quantities. Running vehicles emit carbon monoxide so that is why you should never run you vehicle with your garage door closed. Indoor Barbecues also put off carbon monoxide so never use a barbecue grill in a closed garage. Broken furnaces are another source of co2 as well. We suggest having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your garage to warn you of the presence of carbon monoxide. Be sure to check the warning labels of any equipment you plan on using in your garage.