Customize Wood Garage Doors for a Unique Look

Many homeowners think that they only have a few options when it comes to new garage doors. If you assume that you need to pick doors made from metal that only come in a few standard colors and sizes, think again. You can now choose from more unique doors that include wood doors you can customize for your garage. Companies let you pick from different materials and make other decisions too.

Wood Types

The first choice that you need to make is on the type of wood that you want to use. Oak and cherry are two of the more popular options, but you can also select mahogany, pine or another type of wood. Most homeowners choose wood based on the natural color of that wood and have a coat of clear sealant added to the surface. No matter what type of wood you select, you can have that wood painted or stained to the finish that you want and then clear coated.


When shopping for a new garage door Las Vegas, homeowners sometimes worry that they’ll have a hard time finding unique garage doors that fit the unusual shapes of their garages. Even if you have a larger or smaller opening, one with an arched top or any other unique elements, you can still get a door in the same shape that you need. Arched garage doors have a slight curve across the top that adds an interesting look to the garage.


With customized doors, you also have the option of picking the number, type and size of windows needed. The more windows the door has, the more natural light it will let inside, which is helpful when working on your car or packing away boxes. No matter what features you want in a new door, you can find new garage doors that you can customize to fit your needs and preferences.