The one area in most garages that gets overlooked is the garage floor. Most of us have had that one vehicle that leaks oil or transmission fluid and leaves an ever-lasting puddle of fluid on your garage floor. Eventually we end up just throwing down a piece of cardboard or pile of kitty litter to catch the oil when we can’t afford to fix the car. But when you remove the cardboard or kitty litter, you are still left with a nasty dark stain in the middle of your garage.

Other stains happen in the garage as well like cans of paint being knocked over, mud and dirt from the tires of your vehicle, that spilled cup of coffee when you are trying to open your car door with too many things in your hand. Let’s face it your garage floor takes some abuse.

Fortunately there is a solution to preventing stains and making your garage floor easier to clean. Epoxy paint is perfect for providing a stain-resistant floor and can give your garage that great auto showroom look and feel. Epoxy is tough, long-lasting and comes in different colors to help you customize the appearance of your garage. They often come with anti-skid additives as well to help give you grip on those snowy or rainy days.

Painting the floor of your garage is as easy as painting the walls of your house, but be aware, it does require more preparation. You will need to sweep the floor and clean the current stains the best you can before applying epoxy. It will take more than one coat as well, so plan on it being a multi-day process. I suggest doing some online research to understand the full process.

Even though it takes a little effort, painting your garage floor will make your life easier in the long run. It will make your garage floor look great and easy to clean. But if you don’t feel up to the task, there are plenty of professional companies that will be happy to help.