When you purchase a new garage door, the price of the door may not include all of the services you need. You will need to ask whether services such as installation and maintenance are included or if you will be paying for them separately.

Three Important Services for Installing a New Garage Door

When you are buying a new garage door for your home, certain types of services may be included while other services may be offered separately from the purchase price. As you prepare for a new garage installation in Las Vegas, keep this list of three services in mind. Each of these is important to the proper functioning, durability and lifespan of the garage door.

Garage Door Opener

The price of a garage door opener is not typically included with the price of a door. You will need to budget for this separately. If you already have a garage door opener and are only replacing the door, ask your installation technician if you can use the same opener. The technicians might be able to hook up your existing opener if it is in good condition and has the right size of motor to operate the door.

Door Installation

You will also need to know whether or not the price of your garage door includes the cost of installing the door. Most companies only uphold the warranty if they perform the garage door installation. In most cases, installation is included in the quoted price of the door, but you should always double check and get your price estimate in writing so that you know what to expect.

Maintenance and Replacement

Garage door maintenance is important, but it is not typically included in the price of the door. You may be able to set up a maintenance plan for checkups of your garage door. This would be a separate service that you would pay for. You may also want to consider a warranty for your garage door. Many manufacturers offer a warranty through particular installers. Be sure to find out the warranty terms, such as the warranty period and what garage services the warranty covers.