Four Advanced Opener Features To Help Keep Your Home Safe

The garage installations Las Vegas homeowners have available to them often involve garage door openers. Traditional openers could open or close with the touch of a remote button or on a timer, but in this age of the smart home, the features are much more sophisticated and a great help in securing homes.

Remote Open And Close

The classic opener lets you open or close your garage doors using a remote within eyeshot of your home. With remote open and close, you can do it from anywhere than you have Internet access either through Wi-Fi, cellular or whatever. Better yet, you don’t even need a remote. You can use a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet or log in to a web-based interface.

Notifications And Alerts

You can also receive notifications and alerts on your smartphone or through any other device that supports SMS or a similar technology. Imagine being at the end of the street when you get a notice that your doors aren’t closed. Picture being at work and getting an alert that your doors have just opened even though no one’s supposed to be there.

Privilege-Based Access

A lot like the access control many businesses use, modern openers also offer privilege-based access. This makes it difficult for someone to use your brand of app to access your door because they’re not sending the appropriate encoded key. You can also use this to give a trusted service person access.

Intelligent Personal Assistant Integration

Intelligent personal assistances abound these days: Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and so forth. Many openers now have built-in support, which means that you’re able to control it with your voice wherever you have access to the IPA. It also means that the smart opener is expanded with whatever features the IPA provides.