While Las Vegas is protected from hurricanes and tornadoes are rare for the area, we do experience some extremely high winds from powerful thunderstorms from time to time. These winds can cause serious damage to your garage, home, and property as well as put you and your family at risk. Taking a few steps to wind-proof your home can reduce the chance for damage and help keep your family safe.

During high wind conditions, wind can quickly change direction and wildly fluctuate in speed. This can cause stress on all parts of a building and test the strength of construction of your home. Having a well-sealed house can help prevent damage from wind inside your home and debris that is carried by the wind.

Since our specialty is garage doors, let’s start there. Garage doors (particularly two-car) are vulnerable to damage from high winds. A partially open garage door during high winds is especially susceptible. If you suspect your door is not secure, it’s probably a good idea to have it inspected by a professional. For an existing door, there are fitted bracing kits available to provide additional support. There is also the option of having a new, stronger door installed which is not only more secure, but can add value to your home as well.

Your roof is another part of your home that may be vunerable to high winds. It’s important that your roof is properly secured to the walls of your home. Winds hitting the walls of your home create an uplift effect that can be strong enough to tear the roof off your house. Have your home inspected by building professional to see if specially designed connectors should be installed.

Also make sure the sheathing of your roof is secure. Enter the attic to check to make sure the nails penetrate the trusses and rafters. Additional nailing may be required.

Windows are the next obvious areas that wind can penetrate. For anyone whose home is exposed to high winds consistently should consider having impact rated windows installed to protect against flying debris. In extreme conditions, temporary plywood covers could be used.

Make sure the doors to your home are strong and hinged properly. Glass sliding doors, and French doors should be of concern during windy times and stayed clear of during high winds.

Lastly, take note of the the trees or objects that may be dislodge or broken during high wind. Stow away any yard furniture, barbecue grills, tools, toys, and anything else that could become a flying missile. If you are planning to plant new trees in your yard, make sure they are tied down and try to choose varieties that can withstand high winds.

Remember, if your garage door is damaged by wind or other elements, contact the experts at Precision Garage Door for garage door repairs or new door installations.