Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Garage Doors

Garage doors not only allow you to have access to the garage but also contribute to the curb appeal of the exterior of the building. Wood garage doors have been used for many decades and continue to be a popular option. When you need to replace your current door, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind when you consider wood garage doors.

Many Design Options

Wood garage doors allow homeowners to have many different choices when it comes to selecting a product that will complement the architecture of the building. You can have a range of color options and styles to choose from to ensure that you boost the curb appeal of the house and enhance its value. Some of the options available for wood garage doors include wood board, cedar shingles and logs.

The builder of the door will design a garage door that is specific to your taste and can include custom features, making it easy to choose a style that is unique and stands out in the neighborhood.

High Level of Upkeep

One of the drawbacks of wood garage doors is that they require a significant amount of maintenance to uphold their beautiful design and appeal. Homeowners must perform annual maintenance on the door, which includes sanding down and repainting the exterior. They are also at risk of rotting when they’re exposed to moisture, which can shorten the lifespan of the materials. This means that wood doors may not be ideal for humid or cold climates.

Issues with Insulation

Homes with wood garage doors can have many different issues with insulation because some of the doors are constructed out of solid wood. Other wooden doors may be filled with insulation. They are also not as readily available as other types of garage doors because they must be custom built, which can require you to wait longer and may not be an option if a new garage door in Las Vegas is needed immediately.