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Matching the Garage Door to a Home’s Overall Style

A new garage door can add curb appeal to a property as well as make it more secure. Insulated doors may help to regulate the temperature inside of the garage itself. However, a door that doesn’t match the style of the home or the neighborhood may be seen as an eyesore. What should homeowners know about updating the look of their garage door?

Look to Your Neighbors for Inspiration

If your neighbors have garage doors that are white, black or other neutral solid colors, it may be best to follow their lead. While you may be able to get away with subtle stripes, lines or other small design features, make sure to use similar colors throughout. If your neighbors don’t have a lot of glass on their garage doors, you may want to avoid that as well. Those who live in an HOA may want to check the community guidelines before making any changes.

Make Sure That the Door Is Presentable

Garage doors that have peeling or faded paint may be rehabilitated by a new coat of paint and primer. However, doors that have water or pest damage may need to be replaced entirely. Doors that are more than 20 years old may also be good candidates for replacement as opposed to repair. Homeowners who are unsure as to whether they need a new door may want to have a garage doors Las Vegas company take a look at what they have.

Doors Offer Flexibility in Design Options

Newer garage doors may offer homeowners flexibility when trying to achieve a certain look or feel. It may be possible to paint or stain a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl or aluminum to get a classic look without the need to constantly maintain the door. This may be beneficial both to those looking to stay in their homes and those looking to sell in the near future.