If you don’t want to spend money on repairs after accidentally steering your car into a vital garage door component, several preventive steps must followed regularly to prevent insect invasions.

Easy Ways to Keep Wasps Out of a Garage

Many things can quickly attract wasps to key locations around a typical garage. In order to prevent accidents that commonly occur when these bugs fly around in a motor vehicle, key preventative procedures must be implemented on a daily basis throughout the spring and summer.

Discard Specific Items in Trashcans

Wasps like to fly around old food items that aren’t sealed properly in a trashcan. These items include picnic products, pet food, and sweet snacks. They also spend time near garbage that contains fragrant products, such as fruity lotions and strong perfumes. By taking these items out of the trashcans that are stored by the garage door, wasps will less likely fly into your vehicle while it’s parked with the windows down.

Perform an Inspection

Most insects that sting residents in a garage gain access to a car by flying through cracks that are found in a home’s exterior structure. Common examples include broken panels, shattered sliding, and gaps that run along a garage door. If you think that your garage door is vulnerable, a reputable Las Vegas garage door repair technician can quickly pinpoint and seal openings where wasps can easily enter. Cracks that are found in screens and windows can be repaired by a local contractor.