Besides a dent, a light impact can damage a garage door’s mechanical components. These components must be repaired in a timely manner because they help a garage door operate safely, effectively, and efficiently.

How a Light Impact Harms a Garage Door

When a ball smashes into a garage door, the energy that occurs during the collision can affect how key components operate. If you want to maintain a high level of safety around your garage, you must thoroughly inspect the system following a collision to ensure that everything functions properly. The level of damage that a garage door can experience is influenced by the intensity of an impact. If you understand what happens during a collision, you’ll know what areas to inspect after an accident occurs.

The Collision Process

As a ball propels into the housing on a garage door, the energy generates a dent in the door and interferes with other components within the general area. If an impact happens close to the edge of a garage door, the track system is usually damaged during the collision. This issue should be repaired quickly because this component controls how efficiently the door opens and closes. If repairs are delayed, other vital components that function with the tracks will also sustain damage.

The Proper Repair Method

Track systems shouldn’t be repaired without professional garage door repair Henderson technician since the cables and springs must be readjusted accurately. If one part is realigned incorrectly, a garage door will gain more operational problems.

When an impact changes a garage door’s tension level, a professional must tackle all maintenance and repair tasks for safety reasons. Injuries usually happen after springs and other components loosen after something smashes into a garage door.