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Why LED Lights Impact Your Garage Door’s Performance

LED lights have boosted in popularity recently due in large part because of how LED bulbs are roughly 90% more efficient in producing light than incandescent bulbs, so they rarely demand a replacement. If you’re among the many depending on this kind of light feature and you’ve experienced some problems with the opening and closing of your Las Vegas garage door recently, your use of LED lights may be the root problem. Here’s what you need to know to avoid unnecessary garage door repairs in Las Vegas.

The Way LED Lights Operate

When you peek at the light coming from an LED light bulb, it can appear as if it’s emitting a steady stream of light. It’s actually flashing nearly 15 times each second using a process termed pulse-width modulation. This flashing isn’t visible to the human eye as LED lights flash at frequencies that fall in the range of 30-300 MHz’s Since your garage door opener uses a frequency that is somewhere between 288-360 MHz, the digital transmissions can cross paths and sometimes cause issues with your garage door’s functionality.

Possible Issuing Arising From CFL Lights

When you are having problems with your garage door opener and you don’t know the reason, but you’re aware LED lights are not the cause, check and see if you are using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). These older-model bulbs can sometimes lower the operating area of your garage door transmitter. This can create performance troubles. It would be best to switch out any CFL light bulbs you’ve placed in your Las Vegas garage area. Doing this might solve your issue with minimal time and money.

Solving the Problem

The first thing to do to remedy the issue with your garage door in Las Vegas involves locating the cause of it. A large Christmas display might be creating the complications in the garage door, but anything relying on an electronic signal like a remote-control toy could also be the source.