Even the best security system won’t keep intruders out unless you make sure your garage is secure. Here are some easy steps to boost the security of your home.

Making Sure Your Garage Door Is Secure

When you’re having a new garage installation in Las Vegas, it’s a good time to think about how you can ensure that your garage is secure. Even if you have great locks on your doors and windows, you can accidentally make your garage an easy point of entry for intruders if you don’t take steps to secure your garage.

Check Your Garage Door Emergency Release Lever

Garage doors come equipped with an emergency release lever. This ensures that a garage door can be opened even if the power is out. While this is an important safety feature, it also can provide a way for an intruder to enter your garage. The release lever is usually attached to a cord that hangs down, and determined intruders may be able to pull it using a hanger or something similar. If you don’t want to disable this lever, which is understandable, you should be sure people can’t get into your home even if they have access to your garage.

Keep the Door to Your Home Locked

One simple way to ensure that people can’t easily get into your home through your garage is to keep the door to your home locked. Additionally, if the lock is flimsy, you might consider an upgrade. People often forget to lock the door to their home because they assume that the lock on the garage door will keep intruders out, but a garage door lock may not be enough.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Remote in Your Vehicle

Leaving the remote for your garage door in your car is convenient, but it also means that an intruder could use it to get into your home. Even if you lock your car, an intruder may break into your vehicle if they think it will give them easy access to your home. To avoid this issue, be sure to keep your remote with you.