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When you own a garage door, properly maintaining it will ensure that the door has a lengthy life and provides you with a return on investment.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Garage Door

A garage door signifies a rather sizable investment. Not only do these doors provide shelter for your vehicles and other possessions, but they also offer a substantial improvement to the overall appearance of your home. Whether due to cold winter weather or other problems, a garage door can become damaged or simply lessen in quality over the time. Thankfully, these issues can be prevented by practicing proper maintenance techniques.

Cleaning and Lubricating the Garage Door

The outer portion of your garage door should be properly cleaned at least once per year. This can be accomplished with a basic cleaner solution and soft sponge. Once finished, make sure that you heavily rinse the door. If you have a door that consists of wood, you’re going to want to clean it with a soft and dry cloth. You should also lubricate all bearings, springs, and hinges on the door. Motor oil works really well with metal rollers, though not with nylon rollers. The tracks of the garage door should also be cleaned with brake cleaner.

Inspecting the Door and Replacing Certain Parts

Regular inspection of your garage door is essential towards keeping it in tip-top shape. These inspections should take place every three to four months. If your door uses torsion springs, they are located just above the garage door. If it uses lengthy extension springs, they are placed above the door’s roller tracks. Check all hinges, rollers, cables, tracks, and brackets. If any part has been worn down, replace it as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair.

Tightening the Hardware

Garage doors move up and down practically every day. This near-constant movement causes a lot of vibration. In turn, this vibration can cause certain parts within the door to become overly loose. Whenever you inspect your door, make sure that you tighten all bolts and roller brackets. This is best done with a socket wrench. If your garage door ever does become damaged, there are a wide variety of businesses that specialize in garage repair in Las Vegas.