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Why Weather Sealant Is Important for Your Garage Door

If you’ve just purchased a new garage door or are searching for ways to enhance the quality of your current door, you might want to consider adding weather sealant to it. This is a type of weather stripping that can pay increase the life of your door and provide you with an array of additional benefits. When you’re thinking of purchasing sealant for your door, you should be aware of what it does and how you can benefit from it.

What Weather Stripping Does

By placing weather stripping around the garage door frame, it’s possible to reduce your overall monthly energy bills by a substantial amount. This sealant is also designed to protect your garage from all kinds of weather, which includes heavy rain, snow, and ice. If installed correctly, insects and rodents will be unable to get into your garage. Sealing up gaps along your garage door should also lengthen the life of it and help you lessen the amount of repair work.

How to Inspect Your Garage Door

When you’re attempting to ascertain whether or not your door requires weather sealant, check for gaps located around the bottom or sides of the door when it’s closed. If you notice that any air or light is streaming through, this indicates that you need weather sealant.

Does Weather Stripping Degrade Over Time?

If you already have weather stripping on your garage door, keep in mind that this sealant will degrade over time. All forms of weather stripping will crack and shrink with age, which is why it’s important to replace them whenever necessary. Make sure to check the stripping every year before the winter arrives to see if it’s holding up well. If you’ve added weather sealant to your door but find that cold air is still seeping through, it’s possible that there’s an unidentified problem that needs to be fixed. In this case, you should contact an experienced company that offers Henderson garage repair services.