Henderson garage repair

Severe thunderstorms can leave every exterior surface of a home with damage. The garage door is no exception. It does not matter if a garage door is made of steel, wood or aluminum. If you notice damage to your garage door after a storm, a prompt garage door repair in Henderson can help to keep your home and belongings safe.

Dents and Pits

Dents and pits are a common type of damage that can happen after a severe storm. If the storm involved hailstones, the impact of each stone can leave a new dent. The dented and pitted areas may cause water to penetrate through wood garage doors. If the door is made from metal, the dented areas may rust. The denting is also a visual eyesore.

Bent Framing

Strong winds in a severe storm may bend the framing of a garage door. Most garage doors have metal frames that allow the door to operate on a track. Strong wind gusts can bend the frames, causing the door to not open or close properly. The wind can also pick up objects such as tree branches and blow them into the door. These impacts can also bend the metal frames. Prompt repairs are needed so that the garage door can close tightly. If the framing was severely bent, the garage door may need to be replaced.


Tree branches and particles of dirt or sand can scratch the finish on a garage door. If the door is made of metal, scratching off the paint may hasten the corrosion process. A garage door with many scratches can rust out and break before the end of its expected life span. Garage door technicians can apply a new coat of paint or sealant over the scratched areas in order to protect the door from oxidation.