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Dealing With a Garage Door That Won’t Close

You rely on your garage door to keep your belongings safe and secure. This means that when the door won’t close properly, you need to act quickly to maintain your security and keep delicate items safe from wintry or wet weather. There are several common causes for an improperly closing garage door, and understanding the problem can help you to resolve the issue more quickly. The troubleshooting you do could help when you call a Las Vegas garage door repair company.

Simple Electrical Concerns

If you use a remote opener, the problem could be very simple. In many cases, the remote opener has batteries that are dead or dying. This means the opener can’t send the proper signal to close the door. Keep extra batteries on hand to try a quick replacement when this issue first arises. Similarly, if you can hear the motor running but the door won’t close, you may want to check your disconnect switch. When this emergency switch is flipped, the door won’t move.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Motorized garage doors run on a track. If the track gets out of alignment, the door can get stuck and be prevented from opening or closing properly. A misaligned track can do long-term damage to the door as well as cause serious inconvenience to the homeowner if the door doesn’t open or close properly. If a misaligned track is not repaired, the door can become warped, bent or damaged.

A Chill in the Air

Cold weather can also play a role in keeping your garage door from closing properly. Loose connections are particularly vulnerable to the mechanical effects of cold weather. A professional can help to sort out the problems that could be interfering with the proper operation of your garage door in winter.