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This article will give homeowners garage safety tips that can prevent injuries and even death. From maintenance advice to tips on what not to do in and around your garage, the article presents ways that your garage can be a safer place for your family.

Safer Homes: More Garage Safety Tips That Keep Families Safe

Garage door safety is an important topic that homeowners shouldn’t ignore. Every year, thousands of people are injured due to garage door accidents and unsafe behavior involving their home’s garage. That’s why this article will reveal safety tips that can make your family’s garage a much safer place in your home.

Every year, almost 100 children are injured by garage doors. Many receive these injuries as a result of “racing” the doors before they close or attempting to ride them. Make sure you let your children know the garage door is not a playmate. It can weigh up to 400 pounds so moving parts, mechanical failure, and broken springs are serious risks. After numerous injuries and deaths involving children and garage doors in the 1980s and 1990s, concerns about child safety lead to the use of photo-eye sensors and other safety features.

History of Garage Safety Legislation

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990 mandated that automatic residential garage door operators meet specific requirements if manufactured on or after January 1, 1991. The UL325 certification assures consumers that a garage door has been rigorously tested. It also ensures a product meets strict safety requirements.

Safety organizations have improved the design and function of garage doors. Garage door manufacturers are required to adhere to their guidelines, and for good reason. There have been hardly any serious injuries or deaths involving UL325-compliant garage door equipment, so the safety standards have been very effective. But even with entrapment-protection technology and other safety features, as well as the latest smart technology, child safety is always a concern.


Malfunctioning garage doors cause over 200 accidents a year. There are a lot of reasons why the door is broken, from faulty garage door springs to problems with the sensor or door opener. When you perform your regular garage maintenance tasks, test all the mechanisms.

When you’re doing maintenance work, your hands can get stuck between the tracks and the rollers if you’re not careful. This can cause serious injuries and even amputation in a few cases.

Never place your hands near the door’s section joints. Over 7,000 people a year suffer from injuries that come as a result from pinching and crushing.

If, during your maintenance checks you see something wrong, call us. We fix garage doors in Las Vegas.

When You Should Leave It to the Pros

Over 300 people get injured because of malfunctioning or broken garage door springs every year. To avoid potential injury, leave garage door spring repair to us. Our technicians have the expertise, training, and tools to safely complete garage door maintenance and repair. Regular maintenance will keep your garage safe, and can prevent the headaches and potential harm that can be caused by a broken garage door.

Many people want to save money by fixing their garage doors themselves. While DIY repair is fine for simple maintenance tasks, you can suffer serious injuries if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you absolutely must do garage door repairs yourself, familiarize yourself with your garage door’s manual. However, it’s much better to leave advanced repair work to the pros.

Safety First

Garage door safety shields you and your family from serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, amputation and death. When you regularly perform garage security and maintenance tasks, you’re ensuring that you won’t have to make sudden trips to the emergency room on a regular basis. If you do perform any maintenance tasks on your own, always follow the steps in the garage door manual. Being careful can make your garage a very safe place for you and your family.

But while adults can be trusted to safely operate a garage door opener and check springs, tracks, and safety sensors for problems, it’s a different story for kids. Children don’t know better and must be taught safety around the house. This includes teaching them it’s unsafe to mess around with a garage door.

Garage Safety Tips for Kids

Children should be taught from a young age that garage doors are dangerous and are not toys. Simply saying, “Stay away from the garage door,” may only increase their curiosity, so it is important to:

  • Show them how it works: Walk through the entire system and explain what different parts do, including the safety systems and springs, which hold up a door weighing up to hundreds of pounds. Ensure they understand any extra amount of weight can result in a falling garage door, which can severely hurt someone.
  • Point out the most dangerous areas: These include the spring system (tell children to never touch springs and alert you immediately if one looks broken). Also explain that lifting cables are under high pressure and that the photo sensors are to protect them and not to be played with.
  • Keep the remote out of reach: The remote control should be stored at least five feet above the floor, as kids just love to play around with remotes. Also, install any keypad out of reach as well so youngsters in your home aren’t tempted to play with it.

As a parent or guardian, also make sure your child knows to:

  • Stay away when the door is moving
  • Never climb the door
  • Not put their fingers between panel joints
  • Avoid reaching for an object under a closing garage door
  • Keep toys away from the door and other parts

Precision Door Service of Las Vegas Will Keep Your Garage Door Safe 

Garage door safety is an important topic for children and the entire family. Maintenance and keeping your garage door system in peak condition top the list as well. We offer same day service and leading-brand garage door openers, parts, and installation and repair services. For information on these and child safety systems for your garage, and help by a professional garage door technician, call us at 702-637-2700. Live operators are available 24/7.