When your garage door breaks, it can be an incredible inconvenience for you and your whole family. It generally either means you are unable to leave the house or unable to get back into your garage. In cases where you door gets stuck open and you have to leave your home, the property in your garage is at risk of being stolen or criminals have easier access to your home. In any case, it’s imperative that you have your garage fixed quickly.

But if we back up a few steps, maybe there is a way to prevent you garage from breaking in the first place. In most instances of broken garages, we find that there were symptoms leading up to the final catastrophe. Recognizing and addressing those symptoms are key to avoid putting yourself in position of dealing with a broken garage door.

Here are a few things that may indicate your garage needs servicing:

Noisy Operation
Probably the most common symptom that your garage door needs maintenance is noisy operation. A high pitch squeal or a grinding sound is a good indication something needs to be looked at. Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of lubrication. Or it could mean you have a bent railing or that a spring is about to give out. If your door suddenly starts making a noise you haven’t heard before, it’s a good idea to have someone check it out.

Door Wobbles or Misalignment
If you notice that your door vibrates or wobbles when you open or close it, or that one side of the door touches the ground before the other, it might be time to call a professional. This is a major symptom that a lift cables stretching or about to break. It could also mean a spring is losing tension on one site. It might also mean a railing is bent or knocked out of alignment. Taking care of these issues before a major mishap can save you from buying a whole new door.

Hesitation When Opening or Closing
Another indicator of a problem is if your door hesitates when you hit the button to open or close it. It could just mean you sensors are out of line or even that the batteries in your remote need replacing. In more serious cases, wiring may be the issue which could result in replacing the entire opener.

Smells Like Somethings Burning
If you smell something burning you will want to have your opener checked immediately. This is a good indication that wires have become exposed and are touching something they shouldn’t. Could also be the motor is about to give out. There are other instances where bird or critters have built their nest inside an opener creating a major fire hazard. This is a symptom you do not want to wait on.

Even if your garage is not exhibiting symptoms, it’s a good idea to have a professional tune-up and inspect your garage functions at least once a year. By taking a few simple steps, you can insure you garage door will operate safely and properly for years to come.