Smart garage doors in Las Vegas are an increasingly trendy aspect of home automation. This isn’t a style trend but rather a focus on how residents can make their homes more convenient, affordable, and secure. A simple upgrade can pay for itself in short order and help achieve those goals with minimal hassle and initial expense.

Remote Access

Remote access is an essential upgrade for a smart garage. After all, this core feature is what facilitates all of the other enhancements available. The most common way to access a system remotely is an app, which can communicate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the internet, and be run on a desktop computer, smartphone, and a host of other devices. You can opt for a garage opener that has these capabilities built in or if you already have an opener, you can opt for an add-on kit that serves as an interface between the mechanical opener and the automation network.

Voice and Programmable Door Activation

With remote access in place, you can add the features commonly associated with a smart home, such as programming ability or voice activation. Programming capabilities let you open and close doors on a schedule rather than just by request and voice control lets you open or close the garage from anywhere.

Temperature and Humidity Control

It’s become increasingly common to cool or heat and control humidity in garages via mini-split systems and similar solutions. This bolsters the energy efficiency of a home and makes the garage more suitable for storage and activities. A smart thermostat can control that zone by adjusting temperature and humidification as needed, based on programming or analysis of collected data.

Security Integration

Your smart garage can also be integrated into your home alarm system. Common features include intrusion detection, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras. Arming your security system can automatically close main doors and arm their security devices. If a side entry door is open, or the garage doors are blocked from closing, the system can alert you.