Las Vegas garage doors

Enhancing the look of your home does not only include the house itself and the landscape, but it also includes your garage. The garage experiences the most traffic in your house, and having the right door type will not only give you the convenience you desire, but it will also add value to your home. Since the garage is one of the most used entries to the house, it is crucial to consider the type of door to have. Residential homes in Las Vegas mostly use rolling, one piece, and sectional styles. Depending on your preference and budget, most door installations are quite affordable. Below are five types of garage doors you can add to your home in Las Vegas.

Swing Hand Door

This is a traditional door that functions just like your typical door. The entrance is joined to the garage by its hinges. This type of door is not appropriate for homes that have narrow driveways since it requires a bit more space at the front of the garage when the door is open.

Roller Door

This one is made of metal and rolls upwards when opened. Although it’s not as appealing as other types of doors, it is a practical one to buy. It functions using a remote control that opens the automatic roller opening without the need of getting out of the car. It is suitable for short driveways since it does not need a lot of space.

Overhead Door

This is probably the most common garage door type especially for residential homes. It comes in sections that move around the bend of tracks to lift the door over the opening. It is designed to open with a mechanism at the top that pulls up the door then moves it to a horizontal position.

Retractable Door

This door requires a lot of garage space. The garage door moves outwards and then pulls back into the ceiling of the garage. It is easy to install and is the simplest garage door to operate with an electric opener.

Sectional Door

This one is somehow parallel to the retractable door when it comes to use and function. The entryway moves up and then folds back into the ceiling. The sectional opening is made up of steel and therefore makes the garage more secure. It is easy to install and takes a few days to assemble.

Before buying a garage door, make sure that you measure the space between the overhead framing or ceiling and the top of the garage door opening. Most standard tracks need a headroom of around 14 inches. Luckily, you can also get tracks that are made for garages with cathedral ceilings or unusually high walls.