Decorate and Protect Your Garage Door with a Mural

You’ve just had contractors install a new garage door and you really want it to last and remain as good as new. You can protect it in a similar way many people protect their car’s paint job – with a vinyl wrap.

How It Works

First, contractors install a framing system. It fits onto the garage door. The base attachment lets you change murals as often as you desire. Most people choose to do so seasonally to match their door decorations and yard ornaments.

These vinyl murals come in different sizes. The common widths available include 177 inches and 196 inches. The most common heights available include 86.5 inches and 96.5 inches. Vinyl wraps provide a useful alternative to painting since they’re weather proof and tear proof. They also include UV inhibitors to keep the mural and what’s underneath from fading.

Design Choices

Choose from numerous designs including beach scenes, bi-planes, the Italian countryside, winter scenes, wine cellars, or wildlife like galloping horses. You’ll be able to find pre-made designs covering all seasons and non-seasonal graphics. You can also have a custom garage door wrap made to suit your exterior décor.

Contractors who provide garage door repair Las Vegas can help you with creative ideas to make your home investment pay off better. Use an interchangeable vinyl garage door mural to beautify and protect your new garage door or make your old garage door look new.