Las Vegas Garage Door So you’ve decided to replace that old flip-up garage door with a brand new roll up style garage door. Not only are new garage doors safer and more secure, they will also add curb appeal and help make your home look great. There are many styles of garage doors to choose from, as we have covered in previous posts on new garage doors, but there are other features that can help you customize the look of your new door.

Most garage doors have a grid of panels that define the look of the door. There is a wide variety and styles of panels to choose from. The styles range from long, short, recessed, ribbed, and flush panels. Each style has its own character so we suggest that you take some time and review the different looks before choosing a new door. Take note when driving around your neighborhood of the different garage door styles to help you decide on the right look for your door.

Many garage door styles have an option for windows. Like panels, windows can come in different shapes and sizes. Windows are a great looking feature and really help your garage door look like part of your home. Note that windows will allow others to see into your garage. If you feel this is a security risk there is always the option of frosting or tinting windows.

Another way to enhance the look of your garage is with accessories and hardware. There are many different types of hinges, handles, and trim that can help you customize your door.

Paint and Stain
Depending on the material you choose for your door, such as wood, aluminum or steel, you always have the option to paint or stain your door. Wood doors will give you the most options for customizing the look of your garage as you can choose from stain, paint, or just a natural wood finish.

Remember that the look of your garage door directly impacts and can add value to your home. When you are in the market for a new garage door, be sure to explore you options. There are many online articles on choosing a custom door for your garage or our expert technicians can help you decide which materials and options will work best for your home.