Sure your garage is a functional space in your home where you park your cars and probably store many items. You may even use your garage as a work area complete with work bench and cabinets. But there’s no reason you can’t add some flair to your garage. Here’s some ideas for helping add to your garage decor and provide some spice to the look of your garage.

Vintage Garage Art and Posters
If you want to give your garage that old-time motor garage look, antique metal signs, vintage art, and posters are a perfect addition. Retro motor oil or classic Coca-Cola signs make for great garage art. There also many companies that offer customize-able vintage signs so you can add your family name to help personalize your garage. Framed posters are also a great idea for enhancing the look of your garage.

Neon Signs
Brighten up your garage are with cool looking neon signs. Neon signs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and look great hanging over workbenches.

Flags and Banners
Why not show support for your favorite sports team by hanging a banner in their honor in your garage. Or maybe you’re feeling patriotic and want to show your patriotism by hanging the flag of your home country. Flags and banners are great decorative tools and can cover a lot of wall space!

Need an excuse to slip out of that boring house party? Well having a dartboard in the garage will do just that. Careful on the placement, though. Dartboards hung on the back of the door into the house have resulted in many trips to the hospital.

Workbench Stools
You know when you finally decide to rebuild that carburetor, you’re not going to want to stand the whole time. Custom workbench bar stools look great and give you the opportunity to rest your feet when the work day is done.

Floor Paint
Epoxy paint is perfect for providing a stain-resistant floor and can give your garage that great auto showroom look and feel. Epoxy is tough, long-lasting and comes in different colors to help you customize the appearance of your garage.