Holiday Decorations for Your Garage

Fall and winter are the time of the year when many people in Henderson decorate the exterior of their homes for the holidays. A garage typically comprises between 20 and 40 percent of the visual impact any given home makes from the curb, so it’s important to include your garage door when you’re dreaming up holiday decoration schemes. Here are a few fun tips for decorating your garage door. Note, please, that it’s wise to complete any Henderson garage repairs you may need before you begin decorating.

Holiday Lights

Festoon your garage doors and garage trim with strings of holiday lights. These lights don’t have to be the same color as the lights you use to decorate the other parts of your house, but for best effect, choose colors that will complement the architectural elements of your garage door. It’s important not to use staples, nails or other metal fasteners on your garage door since these can create an electrical hazard if they come in contact with metal wiring. Instead, use plastic clips and hooks that are specially designed for this task. You should be able to find these specialty hangers in any home improvement store.

Holiday Decals

With a little help from a neighborhood or online print shop, you can turn your garage door into an homage to the Night Before Christmas, the Nutcracker Suite, or any other holiday scene that you particularly enjoy. Almost all print stores are set up to deliver oversized pieces, but you’ll want to turn to a business that offers mural-sized decals with a magnetic backing that will stick to your garage door. Of course, you can also use posters with more conventional adhesive backings, but those can be difficult to remove from your garage door once the holidays are over.

A Garage Scene

If you’re really feeling creative and if the weather permits, set up a well-lit Santa’s toy shop in your garage, and open your garage door for a few hours every night so that the kids in the neighborhood can take a peek. Of course, you can stage another favorite scene as well. Let your imagination fly as high as Old St. Nick’s eight tiny reindeer! The holidays, after all, are all about having fun.