holiday decorations for las vegas garage door

If you enjoy decorating your home during Christmas and other holidays, then you should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the garage doors at your Las Vegas home. Think of it as a giant canvas that gives you ample chance to create your personal expression of the holiday spirit.

Wrap a Bow Around It

Perhaps the simplest way to decorate your garage doors is to put a bow on or around them. Large bows are a specialty item but not particularly difficult to find due to how popular they are for cars and other large gifts. Bows with an extended ribbon are especially effective because you can wrap them around the door and then tie them off inside the garage, so there’s no need for adhesives.

Cover It With a Sheet Material

Some sort of sheeting material, such as foil, plastic or even craft paper, is also an excellent option. Just a covering of red foil can really make your doors pop, and depending on the material you choose, adhering it to the doors should be relatively easy. If you want to create a collage or an array of other decorations, something like craft paper can also provide a good basis for that.

Hang Wreaths and Other Ornaments With Care

Whatever decorations you choose, hang them with care. Securing a tight fit and then tying into a knot or onto existing hardware is the safest option whenever possible. If you need an adhesive, then choose something washable. Something like poster tape is a good choice because it won’t damage your garage door surface, and while it won’t last as long outdoors, it doesn’t need to.

Ensure Proper Clearance

Decorating your garage doors for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t open and close them throughout the season. Just be sure that decorations are thin enough for the clearance between the doors and the molding. You should have several inches to work with at least. Also, be sure to avoid edges that may catch when the door is moving and therefore cause decorations to be torn away.